Vegan shampoo

So a friend of mine just moved into a new house. He is living now with three very interesting girls. And sometimes they use lush products. I restarted thinking about animal testing. As everybody knows lots of stuff is being tested on animals.

There are some links:
BBC on animal ethics
FDA guidelines
Animal research in the UK
Humane society – facts on animal testing
Cruelty free consumer guide for the U.S.
Fighting animal testing

So I read a little but I still don’t get lots of stuff. I never bought at lush because the shops creep me out. I think it is amazing that many soaps you can buy there are not in containers – and you can cut up pieces and everything seems very eco-friendly. But to be honest – I just can’t stand the smell in there. There is just too much smell. So no lush for me. To be clear: lush is definitely not vegan – because they use honey. And I guess they use animal fats too because they have a special vegan line.

I always preferred body shop. I liked the shops, I enjoy the products and they always (seemed) to stand by their no animal testing credo. But they got acquired by L’Oreal. So what shall we make of that. So I want to stop searching the Internet for more news about the same. Big companies are that way. And they will continue to be that way. So I am looking for a way to use less cosmetics, soap, shower gel, shampoo and so on. I never wore make-up, eye-liner and so on. So shampoo, shower gel and one body butter a year (or two years) that is just it. So I was looking for another way to wash/clean my hair and I found lots of recipes.

I chose the easiest way: Natron. Used it now two times. I won’t go back to normal shampoo.

More links on home-made natural shampoo:

Daily green

Pioneer thinking

Thank your body

I keep using Heathers approach

Vegan shampoo

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